September 1st, Wednesday
A new month and one I should like to be at home for. I think that there is nothing to beat a still Sept day in England, one of those days when absolute stillness reigns and when nature seems asleep and the rubbish fires ascend in long straight spirals filling the air with that acrid scent one loves so well.

Sept 4th, Saturday
Such a busy morning did I have. Firstly I washed hair, then did flowers, ordered my house, had breakfast, ironed chair covers and put them on, made a cake, saw to the preparing of two guest rooms and then had lunch. Pink returned at 3 and soon after came Critcher and Narroway to spend the weekend with us.

Sept 5th
There was a service at our little church today. An old Padre by the name of Hungerford took the service, rather a wonderful old man in that having a large family and no money he comes over all the way from Turbo district and refuses to take any fee, a bit different from Knight whose mind must be in Queer St I think. We also had Communion, the first for many a month, and a lot attended.

Sept 7th
Pink busy branding cattle and will be doing so again tomorrow as all the squatters lot have to be done too. A big business as a crush has to be built and that takes some days.

Sept 8th
I noticed a curious thing today, an ant colony on the move, along little channels, and on the top the soldier ants had literally joined hands and made a regular covered way of the rest so they moved protected. I’d heard of this before but never seen it. All ants seem on the move now and I only hope we don’t get a real safari.

Sept 11th, Saturday
Pink returned and brought back with him a lovely kitten and a sackful of loquats. As these will not keep at all I had at once to settle down and make jam, of which I accomplished 24lbs. The rest is to be jelly and will have to drip until I return on Monday. At 5 set forth to Kitale to the dance. Heavy rain had fallen and at the crossing of the waggon road we stuck first in one hole and then in another and badly too but Pink rocked the car for ages and at last she heaved herself out. The second time we leaped out onto a hillock to lighten her and when she moved found ourselves marooned but managed with the help of the spot lamp to rejoin her. Got in late but having engaged a banda rushed off to change which we did with one feeble Dietz lamp and 2 square inches of mirror. A large and very gay company. At 5.30 we assembled for “breakfast” of eggs and bacon and beer. I wish I could have photographed the scene.

Sept 12th,Sunday
I got up and went over to the Club from where came sounds of early morning revels and there I found Bentley and Critcher dressed up as Parsons and Bennett looking like members of the Royal Beneficent Society of Rakes. They had not been to bed at all.