September 23rd, Thursday
We have spent the day aided by the gang having huge trenches dug, the whole garden is a network of them besides being a wreck. It breaks my heart to look at the unutterable mess and ruin! The begonia bed was replaced and I found a few of the plants and the violets to replant but today we had terrific rain so its probably been removed again!

Sept 24th
Gradually we’re getting straight again and cleaner. We’ve planted a row of irises all along the edge of the drive which in time will save the wash a good deal, also we’ve cut down all the salvias and geraniums to the ground but it does look desolate.

Sept 25th, Saturday
More violent rain. After lunch we all sat playing Van John by the aid of a lamp owing to utter darkness. Young Preddy turned up for the weekend. Bentley and Crithcer were also to have come but never turned up.

Sept 26th
Thank goodness Bentley and Crticher who arrived about 12.30 got through without mishap, though it took them about 3 hours. Bentley had had bad fever too and was looking a wreck.

Sept 27th
The men left soon after breakfast. I take it as a great compliment when people traverse the 20 odd miles, and such miles, to come and see one.

Sept 28th
A whole day without rain. We are busy each day repairing damage and today have been making a huge canna hedge all along the wild garden.