April 1st, Friday
We all drove over to say goodbye to the Taylors today, as they leave for Home tomorrow, he after 14 years and she after 7 in this country. How long will it be before our turn comes I wonder, say about 1956! I do not deny that I’d give something to smell England again in April. A horrid grey windy afternoon and no rain yet, a most strange thing.

April 3rd, Sunday
Another day gone and already three months of the year. It is extraordinary how quickly the time goes out here and yet I don’t regret its passing the time. Waiting to “make good” is long sometimes, and I only hope it will not be our lot to wait indefinitely as some people!(Wynne is referring to the farm making some money, which will allow them to build a house.  A lot of farmers made no profit and were in debt to the banks, and many went bankrupt).
Went to Kirk this morning. Our Padre talked a few minutes upon the Prayer Book revision this morning and the controversies raging about it at home. One wonders how people can be so conservative as to object to what seems to one only wise common sense, but so long as religion exists Christians will fight each other.

April 4th
The Padre came to pay his first official call. His is an immense area for he takes in all Eldoret, Kitale, Turbo, Elgeyo, Soy, Elgon and Cherangani. Quite impossible for one man. After tea went out pricking out.

April 5th
We had planned an expedition to the caves and set off after an early lunch. We examined one and then scrambled down to the Barberton one and I having been down before stayed at the entrance with the child of the party. No sooner were we in than a thunder storm burst upon us and torrents fell. It grew cold and dark and the explorers were so long away I really began to think they were lost and wondered what on earth I would do alone with that child miles from home in pouring rain. I was really relieved when I heard their voices. We hurried home and got dripping wet!

April 7th
A real good storm. It flooded the place and one rejoiced. I shall now be able to get on with planting out.

April 9th, Saturday
Bentley came. We had not expected him until tomorrow but the “wings of love” brought him along! We all wandered off to the woods which really at this time of year remind me of Home with their fresh Spring green above and below.
We went to examine our new large piece of clearing where our house and garden will one day stand I hope. Potatoes are being planted thereon this year to clean the ground and it is all being ploughed.

April 10th
I have spent the entire day writing letters from 11.30 to 10.30! and have got rid of a good pile. Nootsie’s engagement makes so many extra to write and I never touch a pen except on Sundays.

April 11th, Monday
B left looking like a greengrocer, piled up with irises, cannas etc which I am sending for the Churchyard in Kitale which the League is taking up. It seems dreadful to me to think it should be in such a vile state but all will be well now.