April 15th, Good Friday
Pink went off to Kitale this morning to bring back with him our dear and most welcome guest Adie (Maclean). I cant realize that this friend of my youth and I should meet again out here in the wilds. He has not altered one whit. I only wish he could stay longer but as Senior Commissioner of Eldoret his life is a strenuous one and he has to return on Monday. It is curious to think he is on his last tour and returns for good next August year. How old we are all getting. It seems only like yesterday that he was at my wedding and now I am hoping he will be at Nootsie’s who is his godchild. He has brought her the most lovely old Arab chest.

April 17th, Easter Sunday
How different, with nothing to mark it. The usual Sunday of rest and peace. I spent the morning in the garden house whilst the girls and Adie walked up to the Beacon.

April 18th
Pink drove Adie away, and thus ends a very delightful renewal of old times. It was as though the clock had been put back and made me feel quite fresh and green again. He ragged with the girls like a school boy and turned on the “laugh”, this same stunt that has moved us all to hysterics from year one. No one would have recognised our sedate Senior Commissioner.

April 19th
A morning in Kitale to buy Nootsie’s wedding garment. Naturally there is not much choice but we were able to get a very pretty pale green frock of georgette. Hats for us all are a problem.

April 22nd
Went off hunting today and found some beautiful purple orchids, the largest I’ve seen so far.

April 25th
Noots and I went into Kitale to see Bentley and whilst there were caught in a terrific storm so had to stay the night. The most trying thing on these occasions is the lack of comb powder and toothbrush!

April 26th
On our return I had fears for Grogan’s Bridge but luckily we got down all right much to our relief but I do loath travelling these days. Only dire necessity makes me leave the shamba at all.

April 27th
Rain gauge measure .65 this morning and it is pouring again as I write but one is glad of it at this time. It is only in August and Sept that one gets really tired of incessant deluges. Sowed annuals.

April 28th
The storm I feared is upon us so my annuals will be no more I fancy! Such is EA. I have been cleaning the herbaceous border – weeds at the moment are rampant. Sometimes I get panics that they’ll get beyond me!

April 29th
We rushed into K this morning and out again, a race with the rain and luckily got in in time, the roads are pretty vile. All Nootie’s trousseau except undies which follow arrived, and very exciting and satisfactory all round. 2 evening frocks, 3 day silk and 2 cotton, a coat and hat, stockings, hankies etc. As I write the sound of Pink tractoring comes up from the shamba and behind us on the mountain a never ceasing rumble of thunder accompanies it.