August 1st, Monday
How this year is flying. Went off to K this afternoon to dine with the 3 Ugandans and sleep the night. They will have a very sticky journey I fear as we’ve just had .62 of rain. However they are well armed with new tyres and chains so I trust all goes well.

August 2nd
I’ve been to 64 today (Eldoret), and arrived home more dead than alive, over 60 miles there and 60 back. On arrival at Elgon Club Potts who met us there said “I doubt you’re getting home” however past Hunts with its hideous bridges and washouts we managed all right. We met various people in E including Andy. He is to be married on Sept 10th and the Macleans have asked us down for it.

Aug 3rd
Critch followed us last night and stuck for half an hour in his tiny Austin in van Mallitz’s drift where the mud was waist deep. I had the most tragic news from Elspie de Crespigny who writes that on safari her man died of relapsing fever, and so her short married life is over and there is nothing left for her to do but to pack up and go home. I also heard from Mabel whose account of life under Portuguese rule sounds anything but comfortable and at present all Missions are in danger of being expelled.

Aug 4th
Sometime during the morning I happened to remark to Babs that there was something about today’s date that seemed to strike me and after a moments thought we realized what it was. it is incredible to think that one could forget or pass it by unnoticed when one remembers how much it meant to the whole world 13 years ago. One may thank God really that our memories are short lived. Here one is so out of the world, all one’s papers over a month old, that the current events however great touch us hardly at all.

Aug 5th
Wheat sowing was supposed to start but we find that the drill is not in order. I made a gooseberry tart, tartlets, a bannock and jam. We had the tart for lunch and it was very nice but the tartlets which appeared for dinner filled with curd had gone through some mysterious ailment and I watch with hysterical agitation my family and a guest hacking, sawing and chewing in desperation to dispose of them.

Aug 7th, Sunday
To Service today and there we found a full congregation. An anonymous giver has sent us a harmonium and really the difference is extraordinary, the singing is good and very hearty. We had a meeting to discuss the Bazaar and it was decided to hold it in November.

Aug 8th
A day of husbandry from morn till eve. Pruned peach trees. The little tree grown from a cutting two and a half years ago is covered with blossom and fruit. Rather wonderful.

Aug 9th
Spent day vainly trying to make guava jelly and started on my rockery. I wish all cooking at Jericho. I don’t care what I eat and I hate having anything to do with it. I wish the family would go out and eat grass.