August 10th, Wednesday
More cooking, meringues and mayonnaise for the dance. 96 double meringues and two big bottles of mayonnaise.

Aug 12th, Friday
Our car is in K being overhauled and today a line from Critch saying it will be ready tonight. How he imagines we are going to get it I cant imagine. How difficult things become out here.
One needs much philosophy to carry on, and the following strikes me as useful:
“To guard my doors – yet welcome all who come
Stick to my job – not poach on other peoples;
Forget my self and soul – be priest at home,
Since roads to heaven climb stairs as well as steeples.
To love my life – and leave my children theirs,
Exacting nought that is not freely given;
To laugh at life – not think that preference shares
In gloom on earth can earn my joy in heaven.”

All would be well if one could follow all this.

August 13th, Saturday
There was a dance at the Club and we dressed accordingly and awaited Pink with the car but he didn’t arrive until 8.30 and we were thinking of going to bed! The dance a great success and the new room a tremendous improvement.
The reason for the late return of the car was they had messed up oil function and she knocks badly and can only do about 15 miles an hour. We are sick about it.

Aug 16th, Tuesday
Pink took car into K. He got Wreford to tow him in and they had rather a hairy journey with the rope breaking frequently.

August 20th, Saturday
Today the Kitale Hotel opened itself with a dance and I’ve never seen so huge a gathering. When one thinks of three years ago, well! We left home about 12 and went straight to the Hotel where we lunched. It is extremely smart with its brand new upholstery and really wonderful appointments, and one can scarcely imagine one is in the wilds of Africa. After lunch we all went to our banda at the Club and had an easy. We dined at the Club as we heard they were expecting 240 at the Hotel. Well, at 9 we drove up to the scene of action, and what a scene! The place was crammed and one couldn’t move. I enclose my programme!! We didn’t get to bed until 5.30.