December 5th, Monday
The Padre came to stay with us today. Yesterday the dedication of the cemetery took place, also a confirmation at Elgon (we are getting civilized) but we didn’t go to either. Pink took the Padre on to the Wrefords and there found a sorry household, all seedy with flu and dysentery but they have Doc in the house and so are spared the agony people go through in this country having to carry on by themselves.

December 6th, Tuesday
I was writing on the subject of the lack of medical help out here which brings me to the problem of native sickness. Up to now we have of course had to do all our native doctoring ourselves and shall naturally continue with al minor troubles but there has recently been opened in Kitale a native hospital to which there has been a tremendous response. Now if we have a broken limb or other serious affliction we no longer have to take a patient to Eldoret.

Dec 7th
Dorothy (Leonard) and her 2 came over early and we spent the whole morning sweet making for the Bazaar: fondant creams, fudge, cocoa icing etc. Anxious news from the Wrefords, both she and the child have had relapses and they thought the latter couldn’t get over it.

December 8th
Pink started reaping. All day long the hum of the tractor and reaper sounded until fairly well on in the afternoon when the latter bust and work had to stop for the day. Many people are sick at present with tummy troubles and a sort of flu. I think personally it is a dust microbe after this long drought. Thank goodness we are all well and I hear better accounts from the Wrefords today so I hope they are through the woods.

Dec 9th
Again to Kitale. We lunched at the Hotel, the kitchen of which burnt down last week with much loss and consequently the food is restricted. Dr Higgins’ house was also burnt down last night, a spark from the petrol lamp catching the grass. The boy, on being told to fetch a debbie of water to throw on it fetched the petrol debbie and threw that, “aprés cela la deluge”!

Dec 10th, Saturday
The Church Bazaar today. Alas there were but few people and I am wondering how much money was collected. I cannot think very much. Coming home we nearly had an accident. We found a waggon drawn up on this side of Cecil J’s bridge which it eventually crossed, smashing the whole bridge to pieces so we had to back up the hill as there was no room to pass and come home via van Malitz.

Dec 11th
As a rule Sunday is my real day off. Today on the contrary it has been hectic. Turner arrived to look at our water affairs and soon after more came so we were 10 at food and hastily more had to be devised. The bread ran out so batches of scones had to be made. Turner stayed the night and Vignty was played but I had had about enough and sat aside. A large gathering in this country needs a good deal of work as regards food!

Dec 12th
Turner wishing to depart early, breakfasted at 7 and the memsahib arose at 6 to look after it. Reaping progresses very satisfactorily and we are hoping for 6 bags an acre. We have up to now 279. After tea went over to the Wrefords but they are still rather a sick household and cannot get the baby well. Doc has been but was called away to young Byng Hall who is down with blackwater.