December 14th, Wednesday
H and I went down to the bottom of the shamba to watch the reaping. Pink has finished the top piece and it has worked out at nearly 6 bags. As we stood watching who should drive up but Las Casas who tells us young Hall is not as bad as he might be. All the Leonards came over this evening bringing Mrs Earnshaw and all the children. Mrs E has pluckily returned to her land (her husband died here of blackwater last year). After such an experience I should hate to go and live on the Ridge, they have nothing but illness there.

Dec 15th
A wire from Dundas saying he arrives at Mombasa on Wednesday next so should be up here for 23rd, the night of the Bachelors Dance. We are very busy making fancy dresses, a fearful work. Leonard came over for Bridge this evening bringing terrible news of the poor Kemps. Their eldest son was walking through a wood and saw and jumped over a buck trap containing a spear, but slipped and fell and it severed the big artery in the leg and he died almost at once. His poor people were in Kitale at some Sports.

Dec 16th
A perfect day for reaping. They haven’t stopped once and as we are half inclined to think that the acreage is only 15, 92 bags is good.

Dec 17th
A busy day preparing for my weekenders. Food is always the burning question on these occasions and it’s awfully difficult to ensure that everything is all right, for instance tonight my cook served up a very dry pie, no vegetables, and coffee. It had to be sent away. We are a full house.

Dec 18th, Sunday
The day is past and once more the peace of evening is upon us, for we are alone again except for Critcher.

Dec 20th, Tuesday
A car drove up today containing Kirk and a man called Hill. Wreford is thinking of selling the piece of land adjoining ours (dash it) and this man came to inspect it. This country will soon become a garden city and I only wish to goodness Wreford hadn’t got to sell, one does not in Africa want to live in such close proximity with neighbours.

Dec 21st
The girls went into Kitale and brought out with them a portion of the Xmas mail, very exciting, and amongst it were two lovely parcels from Blanche Gray of Fortnum and Mason delicacies. We all sat round and positively gloated. A letter from Mabel, telling of a terrific storm and the terrible destruction of their church etc. It sounds really awful.

December 22nd, Thursday
I am troubled about my Nootsie today who is really very seedy and I cant discover what the trouble is. We are all desperately busy with this wretched fancy dress and really she ought to be doing nothing.

Dec 23rd
Nootsie a bit better but not up to much. The Bachelors Dance in the evening. This has been a great success and went off with tremendous spirit. There were about 150 people there in every sort of imaginable guise. My Nootsie as a wasp got the first prize and Ivan Barberton as Robinson Crusoe took the men’s. Halfway through the room greeted with laughter the Wilkies who arrived dressed a la Lido in bathing “skins” and a Turkish towel apiece. Of course Wilkie had to have the booby prize. I was presenting and the wretch seized on me and lifted me off the platform.