Dec 24th, Xmas Eve, Saturday
My little corner pictures may represent conditions at home but in this land we are just one dried up stick. Still we decorate the house and bring into it the spirit of Xmas. The question now is, will Dundas arrive. He landed on Wednesday and is motoring up

Xmas Day, Sunday
We all went to service today and there found a large concourse. Extra chairs had to be brought and all the old hymns were sung. Called in on the Leonards and spent the afternoon watching the shamba road. At 8 there came a light on the horizon and we all congregated outside and watched it breathlessly and it was Dundas!! So he arrived just in time. We made our little dinner table look so pretty with the old red and gold centre crackers, artificial holly and all the good things sent by Blanche and then remembered all absent in our toasts.

Dec 26th
Pink returned to work at the Barbertons (harvesting) and to a diet of posho and mince upon which the B’s seem to subsist. They have no real meal until 7pm and then only mince and all day long they are working in the fields. No wonder they look half starved.

Dec 28th, Wed
Critcher who had been into Kitale returned last night with the appalling news that Andy with two other men, his wife and a girl went over the bridge in Eldoret on Xmas night trying to race another car and getting blinded by the dust. Both the men were killed and the others injured.
(In the margin Wynne adds: “Dec 30, Andy died from internal injuries, a tragic end to a tragic life”.)

Dec 29th
Pink got back today and was glad to be so, the journey with the harvester is terrible along these roads. Yesterday went into Kitale for a gymkhana. The heat was terrific, we never feel anything like that up with us and I should detest to live there.

Dec 30th
Began cutting the Equator wheat. It looks splendid but is not yielding what it should owing to drought. The sample is good and may sell for seed.

December 31st, Saturday
The last day of the old year. There are some years to look back on with undiluted joy, not so this one as various things have contributed to try and knock the bottom out of our world. However we certainly celebrated its departure in the gayest way as the Fancy dress dance held at the Kitale Club took place. We had a lively dinner and thereafter followed a ripping dance of which I enclose the programme and we kept it up as usual until daylight when we all assembled in and on the car for beer and eggs and bacon. Halfway through the programme I heading my troupe (as characters from Alice in Wonderland) led them in the march past and to my great surprise won the 1st prize, a very pretty powder box and scent bottle. I only wish it could have been chocolates which I could have shared with my troupe. And so ends 1927. The enclosed is a bad indictment and only too true and added to this one has had our own set backs so I am not sorry to see it go, but despite these sour remarks we have always and always more than most people to thank God for.