February 1st, Tuesday
I have damaged a nerve in my thumb cutting deadheads and am trying what an antiflo poultice will do. It makes writing difficult. (Wynne is referring to Antiphlogistine Poultices). Being unable to write, garden or sew I set forth this morning to walk to the Wrefords. It was hot and I got badly bushed as the grass has grown so high, and after all they were away. I rested and had some tea and was interested to see their new abode. It looks quite mad, just a roof and brick chimney and huge posts all round. The walls at present are sail cloth! All very well in this weather but quite impossible in the rains.

Feb 2nd, Wednesday.
If one could live up to these sentiments one wouldn’t go far wrong. I often wonder who T.H.B.W. was, a very human person surely. I find the sense of humour is so often lacking, especially in those who are most religious. (See next panel for more).
Noots and I went over to the Barbertons, a long promised visit. We found all in the most frightful mess. They are building and at present sleep, eat and live in the lowest room of this remarkable tower, all the furniture is strewn around the shamba, the garden derelict and Africa right up to the doors. I should die of depression but they are S.As. and consequently don’t mind!

Feb 3rd
At the Barbertons we were informed by her of various engagements, one being Wartnaby to Mrs Andrews. She also congratulated Nootie and when I asked her when she had heard she replied last Thursday! As this was 2 days before he proposed it would have been rather a sell for them if she had refused him! We were settled down to an afternoon of darning when the sound of a motorcycle suggested Bentley. N exercised great control and sat firmly at her stocking until we drove her forth hoping for the sake of a good sell it would prove to be Erasmus!! but she was rewarded and B arrived to stay the night.

Feb 4th
Sowed seeds from Ryder and Villmorin. Pink fired the area around the stable, a huge blaze.

Feb 5th, Saturday
Started forth for Kitale about 2.30, went shopping and then to the club where were gathered the world and his wife watching tennis. Bentley and Nootie were bombarded with congratulations. At the Club for dinner we were a party of about 30, upon one side of N sat Bentley and on the other poor old Tyack who in the middle of dinner arose and most gallantly proposed their healths. (Tyack had fostered hopes) We danced till past 2.30. This picture from Punch is quite lovely I think, I wish I could draw like that. (see below).

Feb 6th
Another day as yesterday, and all great fun ending with dinner and dancing and bed at 3.30. It is very nice staying here in Bentley’s most delightful house. Nootsie will not know herself in such comfort and I quite envy the lucky little beast! It is so cool and roomy and such lots of light. I wonder how long it will be before we have such a place??!

Feb 7th, Monday
Spent the afternoon at the dentist. I’ve got to have a tooth fitted to a plate now and I simply hate the beastly thing.

Feb 8th
Home again and peace once more. We went up into the orchard and gathered peaches!