February 9th, Wednesday
The East African Memsahib’s life is made up of small shauris and if, as many do, one suffers from nerves, I can quite well imagine going off the deep end. Thank goodness I don’t. Here is a small list of what I had to deal with today:
Bread – a complete wash out and uneatable
No water – the donkey totos having idled the whole of our absence
Insufficient meat – the boys having eaten half last night
Pancakes – for lunch, like uncooked dough! And so on and so forth!
After tea we sowed more seeds, the whole family assisting and now we have a fine array. H has made me dozens of boxes and I really hope for good results.

Feb 10th
A strenuous day, cake and scone making, burning rubbish, photography and other chores. We had expected Bentley and became rather worried as he never arrived but at 8 car lights appeared and Taylor came to tell us that B had met with an accident. His motorcycle got caught up in the wire which Kirkwood is using for fencing and which is laid right across the road. There Doc Gowans found him lying and took him on to Taylor’s.

Feb 11th
Pink and Nootie went over to Taylor and returned with Bentley, who thank goodness, beyond a cut on the throat and one or two bad bruises escaped injury. The wire threw him off the machine and it makes me sick to think of. I cant think what Kirkwood imagines he’s up to wiring up a public road and not even putting up a notice. If it had happened at night he probably would have been killed.

Feb 12th, Saturday
First afternoon rain, now turned to a fine drizzle. To this (the play “French Leave” – see next panel) we went this evening and a very good show it was, one and all were excellent and we really enjoyed it. Potts as Jenkins was really professional and deserved his calls. After all was over we danced and didn’t get back till just on 4. This part of the programme bored me rather and H very, but we were exemplary parents and did no tugging.

Feb 13th
The usual Sunday laze. After tea we went down to the vegetable nursery where we found a perfectly clean plot, clean from weeds and vegetables alike. The pig and swara (buck) and endeggie (birds) having seen to that. I really don’t know how to manage the place.

Feb 14th
All the birds in England get married today, dear me! Would that I could hear their wedding marches. My seed sowings have all been moved into the open now. It is rather wonderful that one can be so really thrilled over such trivialities as seeds etc but lucky too as life holds but little else these days. I was reading over an old diary the other day and gave myself real blues. One is so aware of the “dusty shelf” now.