February 18th, Friday
This picture which appeared in the Tatler some while ago created quite a stir, as well it might. It is nothing short of degrading in a black man’s country but the 3 females belong to a weird community down Naivasha way who stop at nothing. The Graveventiz came out with us and I am not at all surprised at seeing her thus garbed.

Feb 21st, Monday
Bentley is sending today the announcement of their engagement to the Times, the next thing is to get the wedding invitations printed and the wording of them correct! Back to the dentist today and I hope now I’m fixed up for a time. It really is a horribly expensive business which is a bore when pennies are short.

Feb 22nd
Kitale is growing so fast I hardly know the place now. There is quite a main street now, the railway is an established thing and new buildings and shops are springing up everywhere. Our new garage is maturing rapidly. It’s all getting far too civilized and I already quite regret the old primitive days.

Feb 23rd, Wednesday
Mail in today and a line from Mother saying she had flu but having heard nothing since I conclude she is well again. One need never feel anxious with a cable to rely on.

Feb 25th
Babs, whilst wandering in the wood close to the kitchen garden, came across the bones of an age-long dead elephant. Portions of leg, lower jaw, teeth and others. Must have been there for years and we should never have found them had there not been a fire there recently.

Feb 27th
The men are busy levelling the tennis court and we’ve just been out to have tea with them. It will be a godsend for our weekenders.

Feb 28th, Monday
The Trenches, Ell’s manager, came. They had been staying with the Tweedies and arrived with the small son and another aged 7 weeks! How people can travel these hundreds of miles with a tiny infant beats me. Awfully bad for its brain I should think. I am so glad to have the chance to repay in a small degree all the kindness of the Trenches to us last May.