January 1st, Saturday
The beginning of a new Diary is always rather an effort. I find one feels as though one were involved once more in a lengthy recital of feeble and uneventful happenings no one of which is worth recording and yet…well, after all these years I could not drop it. This first day finds us still staying with the Hendersons as H had to attend a Gunners dinner, and after 9 days of wandering we left these nice people en route for home by the night mail.

Jan 2nd
After the usual uncomfortable journey we arrived at Eldoret about 5.0 and were met by Adie and Nettie Maclean and Pink and went off for tea at the Hotel and a sundowner at their house. We had met these two to our great surprise at Eldoret on our way down and learnt that he had just been sent up there as S.C. I am glad to think they have come to our area.
We arrived at Soy at 7.30 where we dined and eventually reached Bentley’s around 10. Our dear kind host is putting up the whole party. He has just built such a ripping house and is the very kindest friend. I was glad to get to bed and feel as though I have had sufficient motoring to last me for years!

Jan 3rd, Monday
Lunched at the Club and afterwards wended our way home. I am really very pleased with our boys. In our absence the whole house was redongered which means that everything has to be taken down and put up again and on our arrival we found all in order, all animals well and everything clean and tidy. They really are a decent lot. It is a joy to be back again and at peace!

Jan 5th
A busy day making cakes, jam, jelly etc etc. My morning was spent in fierce chungering (caring) and I had to laugh once or twice, my rampaging among the boys was so typically East African. I felt thoroughly memsahibish. I am glad the day is at an end and so I am sure are they!!

Jan 12th
My son is 24 today. I am sitting out under the trees, it is hot but every now and then the hot weather wind blows over. The surroundings are very still, an occasional call from a “Poor Father”, a shrike or eagle are all the sounds that break the stillness. The oxen have gone today to fetch the thresher which is far away at Soy so goodness knows when it’ll be here, meanwhile rain threatens every day and makes one awfully anxious.

January 13th, Thursday
Yesterday just as we had finished tea we saw a car coming up and who should it turn out to be but Mitchell and Mrs Thompson. This is a strangely assorted couple. He has taken her to live with him from kindness of heart as there is no room for her in her son’s house. He is a crank, a bolshie and a conshie! but better something behind your face than nothing like so many people and I always egg him on. In the evening Pink came bringing Hunt with him. Tomorrow we are going on safari with him to his mountain farm.