January 23rd, Sunday
A day of idling and resting (after a Saturday dance at Elgon) but it ended in distress, Bentley getting a touch of sun and frightening me a good deal. One is so dreadfully dependent on ones very limited store of knowledge out here, a doctor being out of the question owing to distance.

January 24th
I am thankful to say that B is better this morning, most anxious to leave but we have persuaded him to stay till Wed. We ended the day with a long concert on his gramophone.

January 25th
B and Nootie went off for a walk, returning at 4 and that poor man had to go back to bed with another attack, fever, ague and head. It is a most distressing thing to see but it yielded to treatment quicker this time.

January 26th
We are having real hot weather, brilliant sun and morning winds. The garden is looking dreadful and dry. Pink returned and left again, taking Bentley with him. I hope he has got over his attach. He must be strong constitutionally.

January 27th, Thursday
220 bags of a very indifferent sample of wheat. Leonard has done better, but not nearly so well as last year and the cry is the same everywhere.

January 28th
More cleaning of beds and general tidying up in the garden. I’ve had the lawns mown. At tea Narraway came no sooner away than Leonard arrived bringing the Philpotts who have lately arrived and are looking for land, but as I write we are actually alone for the first time for weeks! This is indeed the Red Lion Inn, a perpetual coming and going.

January 29th, Saturday
A day of usual happenings and ending with an unusual one, for after I had gone to bed my Nootie came to tell me that she was engaged to Bentley. If ever a man gave one the impression of being capable of goodness to a woman this one does. It is difficult to realize it all.

January 31st, Monday
Bentley left us this morning, and we are actually really alone. It seems so strange. I have so much sewing to do that I want to feel free to do it and I dread to think of the accumulation. H and I strolled down to look at the coffee after tea and it is interesting to see it starting to bear but after our wheat fiasco I feel rather lackluster.