July 1st, Friday
It has been terribly dry this year but rain actually did fall today, a good storm, which will help a bit. Wheat is showing green. Pink was to have returned but as I write at 8pm there is no sign of him. He has his family well trained in this respect and I expect the old car has let him down again.

July 2nd
The affairs of Babs and Dundas being en train we see little of them. They ride and walk taking a great deal of exercise at the extreme ends of the shamba. I wonder if anything will come of it.

July 3rd
No nice late getting up today as Wreford had a buck drive on to which Dundas and Pink went. We got lunch ready and with 3 boys walked to the rendezvous. There we all lunched and on they went but alas they beat the whole day and the only buck seen was missed by Pink! In the evening Las Casas and Doc Gowan drove our men back, the poor Doc being “very nicely thank you” as is alas so often his wont.

July 4th
Babs really engaged to Dundas. Poor child the man leaves for England tomorrow so there will be a six month separation, just like my own case. We sowed the second lot of Equator wheat today and now pray for rain which still holds off.

July 7th
A lovely steady rain is falling and one rejoices for the wheat, the seed of which cost £100 and is a great anxiety as one looks to it for means to carry on.

July 9th, Saturday
Andy and his girl turned up and we spent the morning gathering things for their garden and after an early lunch set forth going via Turbo to drop Pink who was playing rugger and arrived at Eldoret about 5.30. After a longed for tea went off to dress for the dance tonight. To dinner came Adie and Nettie (Maclean). Supper in Andy’s office, much fizz, many quilps (sic) and cranks and “for he’s a jolly good fellow” congratulating Babs’ engagement. The dance was a good one and I hopped round with a variety of bogies!

July 10th, Sunday
Well today these kind people entertained us with a lovely lunch and tea picnic in a forest about 6 miles out, such a lovely quiet fascinating place. It is a small one but age old and full of strange parasitic growths strangling the life out of their victims. We ate so much that we were unable to move till tea. An interesting thing in this neighbourhood are the innumerable “Siriqua” stone enclosures, evidence of a tribe long gone

July 11th
This kind Andy sent us home today in one of his cars, what this weekend cost him I cant imagine and we got back by lunch coming via Soy. Whenever I pass through any of these places I am more and more thankful for my mountain home. The Eldoret plains are hideous to me and the lone Dutch farms standing all exposed in this stark bareness are depressing beyond words. A big storm this evening and we are rejoicing, so tomorrow coffee planting will begin again.