July 13th, Thursday
The rockery goes on apace and my little gang worked all the morning and incidentally I had occasion to smack one which proved very efficatious (sic)! It is raining, a good quiet downpour. I am amazed at an extraordinary offer from Wreford. He says that bringing people to our garden has resulted in his selling his land and he intends in consequence to give me carte blanche anything I want from the Yokohama Nurseries!!

July 15th
My rockery takes up all my mornings. I and my totos gather earth from the woods and meanwhile to keep them amused I teach them English. It is extraordinary how difficult they find the pronunciation and I wonder if our Swahili sounds as odd to them.
Coffee planting goes on apace and we are selling thousands but even at 40/- a thousand it doesn’t pay much. Ideal weather for planting. I am rushing out heaps of young stuff hoping I am not too late.

July 18th, Monday
About tea time we had one of our old storms and .87 inches fell. Dykes all full and rivers running everywhere, tremendous thunder too and pitch darkness. We all sat watching it from the verandah garbed in woollies and mackintoshes but seeing that we have just completed another 15 acres of coffee we sat and rejoiced.

July 19th
Someday 100 years hence someone, if this Diary is still in existence, will be interested in this enclosure. I am only thankful that I shall not be there to see the world as here depicted. I don’t believe any age could hold more than we have now to make us comfortable for if these surmises come true I cant see where the comfort comes in!! (see final panel this month) Planted out strawberry seedlings.

July 21st
Dug holes for tree planting on our future house land. We planted Nandi Flame, Casuarina etc and after tea went down and roughly marked out the house site and drive over which violent arguments ensued!!

July 22nd
As I write sitting in the verandah a good rain is falling. It is splendid for the young coffee and all the stuff we put out yesterday including some pawpaws I’ve raised from Eve’s special seed, this kind she got from Ceylon years ago and says is wonderful.

July 31st
These last days having been simply taken up with household chores and husbandry I refrain from particularising. Critch came out and there also turned up three men from Uganda. The Leonards also turned up so we were quite a party.