June 11th, Saturday
We left early as we had to be at the Bank at 12, but waited 2 whole hours at the garage having punctures fixed so by the time we reached Soy for the Races they were half over. PInk went back to K and Adie brought us along here (to Eldoret).

June 12th, Sunday
In this vile little township Adie’s house and garden is a veritable oasis. A former resident evidently realizing the need for privacy, bequeathed an entirely closed garden from which one has no idea of the horrible surroundings. Trees, shady walks and a stone wall make this place with its hundreds of birds a really peaceful spot. We spent today picnicing, taking our lunch out to a place called Selby Falls. A few miles over the plains brought us to a deep ravine into which the river fell over precipitous rocks, We scrambled down, at one place a rope tied securely to a tree was necessary, and down we went finding ourselves at length on a sort of plateau under the arches of a huge shelving rock over which the falls came and from where we could look through them like a curtain. Masses of mosses, ferns and mauve balsams and the ceiling of this great cliff was covered with swallows’ nests.

June 13th
We spent the whole day idling. Our poor hardworked host has been away all day. Absolute peace reigns but even so come the sounds of civilzation and during the night that period is made hideous by the howling of shenzy dogs of the native quarters. How different is the feel of our mountain area where surely for years to come we must enjoy partial isolation. Eldoret with its red brick rows of artisan villas and dreadful corrugated roofing is really a blot of God’s earth, simply the replica of many another African township.

June 14th, Tuesday
Adie has been showing us the treasure he had been collecting for the past 26 years: old black carved wood furniture of Portuguese origin, china etc, and still more interesting silver ear rings, necklaces etc the history of which is strange. It appears that in the days of Maria Theresa, Austria had much commercial intercourse with the East and these silver ornaments have been made from the big thalers which were used.

June 15th
A quiet day spent in the garden reading, writing and sewing. I was touched at getting a wire of congratulations for today from H and P. I thought it awfully nice of them to remember though goodness knows it is not a matter for congratulations. (Wynne’s birthday).

June 16th, Thursday
An all day out. Adie had Courts at Sergoit so we went with him, out over the endless Plain again, coming at last to the Sergoit rock, the only piece of rising ground for miles and close by the lonely little Police station where lives all by himself one called May in isolation. He goes into Eldoret once a month and for the rest sees few people, and the great trouble here is the icy wind and no wood. After some tea kindly provided we took our lunch another 12 or 15 miles and saw once again that wonderful place Kamarin overlooking the Rift Valley. I am awfully glad to have seen it again.