June 25th, Saturday
Pink left for Entebbe at 4.30. We put his meals together the night before so there was no delay. It is a long way for anyone to drive, 260 miles.

June 26th
A day after my own heart, perfect in weather and absolutely alone all day. Just occasionally from the housekeeper’s point of view it is a rest not having to think over much about food and guests’ comfort.

June 27th, Monday
Work again and a morning spent in wiring the pergola and training the creepers. We dug a few of the new potatoes but the yield was poor. We expected the boys back from Uganda tonight but they never turned up. Does anyone ever turn up when they say they are going to in this country? Rain, car trouble and shauri ya mungu. I only wish we could get a bit of rain here, the wheat is beginning to show and if it doesn’t get moisture it will be killed in germination.

June 28th
At lunch today our vagrants arrived having had a frightful journey mending punctures all day yesterday and having had to stay the night at Tororo. Dundas, who is on his way home, should be described here a la Pepys but one does not do those things nowadays. (Dundas was apparently keen on Babs, Wynne youngest daughter, and was here a-wooing).

June 29th, Wed
A vilely long day and away from 7.30 to 7.30. Firstly went to the Leonards for breakfast, then on with them to Kitale where we attended an endless meeting of the E.A.W.L. I am heartily sick of it. Lunch at the Club, after which I came on with Tweedies to Elgon, there Mrs Thompson had a childrens’ party and a hockey match took place and so home.

June 30th, Thursday
Hearing yesterday that poor Mrs Fairbairn was having a sale of her things we went over and found quite a lot assembled. We bid for various things but got none. I did so hate the whole show and felt like a ghoul, only about a month ago I was sitting in their house playing Bridge with them and now he is buried. On return last night H told me he had had a cable to say poor old Mary has gone at last. (Mary was Herbert’s elder sister).