March 17th, Thursday
Made an expedition today first to the Harry Taylors and then to the Kirks. We found both the former in bed with fever but saw Bunny and went over their new house, a huge barrack of a place. It is a wonder to me how they can contemplate building at all considering their equally huge overdraft. Just as we left a huge cloudburst descended upon us. We turned the car and waited, nearly getting drowned. Luckily we found the Kirks at home and lunched and teaed there, going over their garden and orchard and gathering bulbs, cuttings and jams, these latter she sells and is doing good business.

March 18th
Went down to the lower garden and gathered lettuces, carrots, turnips and onions, also a tiny bunch of watercress, quite a treat in this famine time.
We are rather depressed tonight as we’ve had to destroy one of our nice little donkeys. We tried all kinds of things to no avail. It is a great loss, added to which we’ve lately lost 8 oxen.

March 20th, Sunday
A nice spot of rain is falling and one rejoices thereat, the earth smells fresh and earthy and all my seeds will make a start. We sat in the garden house working and all afternoon I wrote. We strolled up the wagon road today and there found the vultures at work upon the poor donkey. What weird horrors they are, exactly like ghoulish old women at an eldritch feast, all fighting, quarrelling and screaming at each other.

March 21st – 25th
A week of the usual chores with nothing particular to relate except that no day has passed without someone coming up here.

March 26th
The whole family went into K for the dance tonight at the Club. It was a big show and very well done. One thing is really happening which makes all the difference to us women and that is the men are ceasing to find it necessary to the evening’s amusement to over step the mark. I did not come across one last night, and oh! the relief. (Wynne is referring to drinking).

March 29th
Early this morning Wreford and his wife and baby turned up, he taking Pink to 64 and she spending the day with us. The baby is as good as gold but to drag round the country prams, cots, rugs, food etc is more than I could bear. The men were dead on arrival at 10.30 having been about 150 miles all over the country but came off with only one puncture. Narraway left K the other night at 10 and didn’t get home till 2.30 having had to mend 7 punctures on the way!!

March 30th
To Kitale again, the girls and I to a meeting of the E.A.W.L to form the new committee and elect officers. I found myself on the committee without knowing it but a monthly meeting often missed is not much harm! To lunch at the Club and oh! the cackling. It is amazing to me how so many of the men are up against their “boys”. Why I wonder? They seem to live upon endless shauris. I daresay it’ll be my turn one day because I’ve never had so much peace as now-a-days.