May 5th, Thursday
Here a break has occurred. I haven’t had the heart to write and I briefly state the reason. On Saturday Bentley came up. We all went off to a Bridge drive at the Club and on Sunday to Church and then watched a hockey match. Bentley left fairly early because he had no lights and all seemed well. Monday afternoon we spent sending off the many invitations which duly left with the post boy on Tuesday morning. At 10 there arrives a boy from Bentley bearing two notes, breaking off his engagement with Nootie. I cannot write here of the terrible upset it has caused and am utterly at a loss over the whole business.

May 16th, Monday
I suppose I must resume this diary now that so long has elapsed but its been a time of much upset in our daily round and there has been a great deal of writing and business to attend to. We’ve had the Philpotts to stay and on Sat Pink went off to play rugger, stayed the night and brought Critch back with him to look at our new toy, the Clectrac, which suddenly decided it wouldn’t start, only to discover he’d filled it with paraffin instead of petrol! It’s a great joy and should be at £306. An awful price but well worth it I hope.

May 17th
A perfect day but this sudden cessation of rain is rather trying for my young seedlings. We are rather anxious about Critch, he’s not at all fit and last week got a bad turn of gastric malaria. Last night he was again awfully bad with internal pain and is looking a wreck but refuses to give in. This morning the Clectrac bucked and a broken portion necessitated Pink going into K. I’ve been making tomato jam and its taken me nearly all day.

May 19th, Thursday
We were bidden by Madame Potts to a hens’ Bridge party. The play consisted chiefly of eccentricities! Nootsie and I were the guests of this family and really it was very amusing but not Bridge! A sumptuous tea much appreciated by a cakeless house!

May 20th
The girls have gone off to Eldoret to stay with the Macleans. I am very glad of a complete change for both of them and I’m sure they’ll have a good time. (Adie was Noots’ godfather so presumably was expected to offer comfort and support!)

May 21st, Sat
All day long I’ve weeded and weeded with the aid of my small 3. The flower garden is now clear but the orchard which was only done a week ago is once more a verdant green. It’s utterly terrible this everlasting and luxurious growth. At 5.30 we packed up our bags and offed it to stay with the Philpotts.