May 22nd, Sunday
A lovely long lazy morning, a stroll on the shamba, sleep all afternoon and a stroll at tea. The Philpotts not very long in the country are living in the Taylor’s house until their return. They have some lovely old furniture and lots of pretty things. They live as one does in England and have not gone Kitosh like we have! I believe when they are alone they dress for dinner but out of consideration to us did not do so. This is the only part of living out here that I do not like and never shall.

May 23rd
An early leave taking. Called in on the Ls for 2 bags of posho and as we were staggering back were overtaken by the Ps on their way to their farm. Upton turned up and stayed to lunch. When he prepared to go his steering suddenly went wrong and so we spent a long period watching him repair it. I wonder how he got home.

May 24th
Poggy and I planted out the strawberry beds and got 13 rows done. It is a back breaking job.

May 25th, Wed
A long and tiring day. PInk and I started forth to Kitale early, I to attend a committee meeting of the Womens League, and oh! the arguments and endless side tracks. We didn’t get away until 1, I giving next month a miss! Met the girls and watched a hockey match and so home dead to the world.

May 26-7, Thursday and Friday
Something, the fish I think, we ate at Kitale yesterday has had the result of thoroughly upsetting us four for two days. We all felt miserable and at length made up our minds to be really brave and so took doses of castor oil. Added to these personal discomforts our most expensive toy the Clectrac has bust already, a defective plate.

May 28th, Saturday
A wire from Andy saying he is bringing the Macleans, his girl and her Mother up for lunch tomorrow so with many consultations we decided on the menu! Always an anxiety when our cook may send in the chickens inside out, the soup like porridge and the puddings like nothing on earth! All the tummies are better today, a vile experience.

May 29th
Our party has come and gone and all went off very well.

May 30th, Monday
Pink returned today with Critch who had been down with fever again. It is not a bad season so far but I hear poor Fairbairn is down for the third time with blackwater. I cant imagine why he stays in the country.

May 31st
Critch and Nootie went into Kitale today and were there all day, getting a piece made to renew the break in the tractor. Whilst there they heard old Bob Curtis died of gastric malaria the day before, poor old derelict. He was one of our oldest pioneers, “the King of the Masai”.