November 1st, Tuesday
For the weathers sake I’m so thankful we are not in England today: cold, dark and wet and arising by candlelight horrors. Here we long for rain but I really think it is coming a little nearer each day.

November 3rd
I am very much amused at this cutting which is entirely true of the present day. It seems to me that either parents are employed in trying to exercise authority as of yore and being completely reduced to ashes or else they effect a bon camaraderie in which the result is very often ridiculous. I wonder what the children of the present generation makes of them! (the cutting is in the previous panel)

Nov 5, Saturday
This is Yso’s birthday. I always think of her but we seldom write nowadays and when I remember the tremendous friends we used to be as girls I realize it is only another case of “ships that pass in the night”. What hosts of people this happens to. (Wynne is remembering Ysobel Vanrenen, nee Butler. They grew up together – see 1895 and following)

November 6th, Sunday
This Sunday was kept as Armistice Sunday here and at 9.30 we had a service at Elgon. We gave the offertory to the Haig Fund and got 79/-. I am collecting again for this area but alas there is so much to subscribe to this year and people are awfully hard up.

Nov 11th
How sad a day of Remembrance this is to many and I always picture the wonderful scenes that are taking place in all the big cities at home today.

Nov 12th, Saturday
We are now in the throes of assembling the Sunshine Harvester. A man from Hunts came up yesterday to do so, Kenny by name, and Pink and his boys have been working all day long at this wonderful machine which reaps and thrashes at the same time thereby doing away with all the bother of stacking with its danger of rain etc.

Nov 13th
Three years ago today we left Home for the “Land of Promise”, three years of sticky waiting are behind us and we now have nearly one sack of coffee in the store!! No matter for laughter this, but on the contrary congratulation, for is it not a beginning and the bushes are laden and looking splendid. Wheat as a cash crop has not so far earned us much but the first year being new land it naturally couldn’t do much and last year it was drowned.

Nov 14th
The Harvester being ready we all saw it move off to Leonards today, and tomorrow it goes to Barberton. How its enormous breadth and bulk will ever get along our narrow tracks I cant imagine, they have to hew down trees for its passage.

Nov 15th
All went over early to watch the efforts of the Harvester. All went well and it did its job like magic without a hitch. So far so good.