November 16th, Wednesday
Last night when coming home we ran across a hyena. Its grey shape and strange loping gait slunk slowly away at our approach and truly it looked a vile beast. A little further on a large mongoose took up its trail in front of the car and it trotted along in front of us. I wish I had one as a pet. In our own shamba the buck were rampant all feasting on the wheat but so far they haven’t done a great deal of damage. Pink was away all day doing Barberton’s job. I’d like one of our Labour members to see him on his return, they’d hardly have the face to call him a bar-propping settler.

Nov 17th
A splendid storm burst over us today and we got .92, the biggest fall since April. One felt so thankful to see and hear and smell it.

Nov 18th
Noots went over with Pink today to watch the Stripper (harvester) and he finished the job getting home for tea. Just after lunch a deputation came to tell us that there was a dead woman at the bottom of the shamba so down we went. It is apparently a case of poisoning and for police investigation so we stopped her burial which was in progress close to the hut.
Here is a picture which is a curiousity, and below another to show the progress of only a few short years. I don’t think the next 20 years can produce so marked a change. I imagine there will come a time when no one thinks of going anywhere except by air. I think I shall probably go to my grave without indulging. (Sadly true, but Wynne did benefit from the new airmail. The pictures she is talking about of transport improvements are in the next panel).

Nov 19th, Saturday
We were bidden by Swan to a sundowner (a purchaser of land from Wreford). He has made a travesty of a road up which we bounced and leapt, rising higher and higher and coming at length to his clearing and group of little huts. A view of the world and at the back the virgin forest. He seems a nice fellow. On the way home we ran into a herd of little pigs and so bewildered were they by our lights that they stood immovable in the road.

Nov 23rd
A general Church meeting, and hockey as usual. Dances are once more in the air and Xmas ones are now being arranged so we are waking up once more. I took over the Bazaar stuff. I do hope I escape having a stall next year, its an awful business out here.

Nov 24th
Spent most of today writing Xmas mail and altogether I’ve managed to get off 55 this week. My thumb is absolutely nerveless.

Nov 25th
Pink went off to Kitale today as we have heard of the arrival of the stores and this evening returned bringing the three precious boxes with him, a joyful prospect.

Nov 26th, Saturday
Directly after breakfast H, armed with a hammer and chisel, attacked the cases and we checked off the contents. Such glories came forth and I packed them all away into my cleaned out and tidy store cupboard. I cant remember when they arrived before, but sometime in March or Feb. Tonight we danced at Elgon and a very good dance it was, not too crowded and the Band excellent.

Nov 27th, Sunday
As I write the sound of stone breaking reaches my ears. The Indian fundi has arrived to build us a duca. Trade is none too bad but when we have a decent little shop with room to display goods I think it will increase considerably. I’m sure Pink as shopman is much thrilled! Ate our first asparagus.