October 2nd, Sunday
This picture is a real touch of home and when I look at it I cannot help feeling the tug, that bustling familiar crowd of Paddington station from where so often I’ve seen my son off to school, but these things don’t really bear thinking of, one day perhaps they’ll come again. No sign of the son as yet but I expect he will be here any day.
As I look out the garden is still gay with flowers but alas little rain has come and if we are to continue these dribbles right on to the dry weather “nature’s theatres will all soon be closed for repairs and the grass, trees and flowers will look like yesterday’s morning papers” as Massingham has somewhere remarked. It is a horrid time for nature, Dec and Jan, out here. Things do not actually die but one is hard put to it to find a flower, and what is life without them.

October 4th
To our great joy Pink did return today. Up came the red car looking frightfully smart and my son is like new too.

October 5th
Pink and Wreford brought home some photos of a place on the coast about 30 miles from Mombasa, the property of Luale-bin Salem who administrates Arab concerns there and we have a great scheme of renting about 8 acres and building a bungalow there in conjunction with Wreford. We are thrilled by the idea.

October 6th
A day in Kitale and the whole family went. H on Pension business, I to a meeting and the girls to shop. Lunch at the Club. I am wondering if it is going to suffer on account of the Hotel for naturally there isn’t enough custom for the two but we never desert it. The children brought back terrible news that Mrs Fairbairn’s house has been burnt down (she lost her husband in June).

October 7th, Friday
A day at home with family. The illustrated papers are really worth keeping as a record of the times. I have been looking at the Sphere today, and it is full of nothing but Lido etc and the latest freaks of humanity in general. Flying the Atlantic, swimming the Channel, flying to the Arctic regions etc and as for the females, what with their orange lips, blue wigs and green finger nails I think it’s quite time Armageddon did arrive.

October 8th
By the time we go home nothing of the old London will be left, first Regent Street and now the Strand. We shall have to employ guides.
We all went into Kitale for the performance of the “Wrong Number” which went off very well. Dorothy looked really extraordinarily pretty and Elaine Goodfellow was most professional. We danced afterwards and got to bed at 4 having taken bandas at the Club where we also dined.

October 10th
This article (at the bottom of the page) is sweet but personally I think that some of the semi-demi “artistes” who sing popular songs would frighten any bird. It would be a “rara avis” indeed that could stand some of our gram records. I am thinking of setting one up among the peas.


October 12th, Wednesday
H and I went for a walk. The wheat looks wonderful, so also the coffee and daily we continue to pick small quantities. It really is rather wonderful to realize where 3 years ago all was jungle is now orderly rows of coffee bushes and a sea of wheat interspersed with neat avenues of various kinds.