October 14th, Friday
How strange in these days of extraordinary feats that a thing like this should go unnoticed for it really was a very wonderful accomplishment. How it escaped general notice beats me.

October 15th
H, P and I left today for Will Hoey’s place up on the mountain, about 35 miles distant. Half way there Pink discovered he’d forgotten to shave so stopped by the river and did so there. We arrived at lunch time and spent the afternoon wandering round, lost in admiration for this wonderful place.

October 16th, Sunday
I must try to describe this lovely home, the result of less than two years labour. Last year in grass huts and appalling discomfort of perpetual rain they set to build the house, which is of wood, thatched with grass and encased in bamboo. There is also a two-roomed guest house with bathroom. Four miles away they tapped a stream and made a furrow by means of which all is worked automatically. H and C water laid on everywhere and sprinklers all through the garden. Electric light is to be installed everywhere, even in the trees and all is utmost comfort. What fascinates me most was the garden. Laid out in grass terraces, it stretches out to the slope beyond and everywhere are enormous age old Podocarpus and Olive etc, immense in size.With its light and shade and brilliant colouring it reminded me of some old English home. The furrow which runs underneath the shade through the garden is a rockery breaking twice into lily pools where arums, mimulus and cinerarias grow. Oh, its all like one reads in a book!

October 17th
Very early we got up and went down to a place they call the look out, to see if by chance the elephants were there, but no luck. This place drops sheer for hundreds of feet and at certain times of the year the elephants come every day to feed. I wish this visit had not passed so quickly. I haven’t enjoyed anything so much for a long time.

October 18th
These notes upon the utter emancipation of the modern woman and the super precocity of her children will amuse a future generation. As for these flying and Channel swimming babies, they simply want smacking and ought to be shut up in cages in the zoo. The Misses Zittenfields are said to be 13 – I doubt that with figures like that!!  (see in the next panel)

October 22nd
Renshaw Barberton water divining for us as we are anxious to try and make a furrow but I fear it’s impossible. No rain yet and all getting more and more dreadful. Early this morning the three went off on safari to Uganda.

October 31st, Monday
RAIN, and .20 of it. Each day it has looked like getting nearer and nearer and this evening it actually arrived.