September 1st, Thursday
How amusing these ancient diaries are and how dull will the present day ones appear in comparison. No one thinks of mentioning nowadays if they have a pain , what caused it, and what remedy they took!! (Wynne is referring to Rev Woodforde’s diary, see extract in previous panel)
Planted three English birches today in the new area. I do hope for success as they should be a real feature.

Sept 5th, Monday
I and my totos are clearing the new patch now, a huge job, and the worst of these big weedings is that I get covered with minute ticks, perfectly beastly. I have to resort to Keatings in my boots and in my bed. They are a cross between a flea and a tick, most vile, and I’m always having to apply for assistance to remove them. Curiously enough I’m the only victim.

Sept 6th, Tuesday
A pretty group. Is this my leg or a slab of fish? Wreford brought over some people called Ferguson and they took these photos.



Sept 7th, Wed
The 3 off to hockey and I spent my time among the rags, mending sheets, shirts and duca things which latter have been made a playground of by the rats. I then employed my time in writing letters, one of which being to Mrs Dundas, very difficult!

Sept 8th
A most exhausting day. At 10 the whole of the Hawksworth family turned up, Granny dressed in brown fustian and a strange black straw hat somewhat crumpled and withered and a scarlet poppy pinned at her throat. She is 74. While taking them round the garden who should turn up but Mrs Tweedie, come to sketch a strange parasite I found in the woods. The H’s mercifully went to lunch at the Leonards.

Sept 9th
We were to have gone to Eldoret for Andy’s wedding but Pink who goes to Mombasa on Sunday is taking the car to be painted so we had to wire “off”. To lunch came Wartnaby and his “Dinah”, and in the midst of lunch who should come but young Hudden from Uganda. They all stayed to tea for which there was nothing but bread and of that we ate the very last loaf! These unexpected influxes make inroads on provisions.

Sept 11th
We’ve sent Pink off on a real holiday to Mombasa, the first of us to go. He’s not been too well with tonsillitis and its time he had a change. I would love to go just to see the sea again.

Sept 12th
A rather amusing picture and its really rather wonderful how much of it has come true (see in next panel, “March of Intellect”). Here to is another amusing picture! To think that this little creature, so “super and ultra” in every way, should have gone the way of all flesh and with quite a young girl too apparently. I’ve just written to congratulate him but he’ll probably not remember my existence.