September 16th, Friday
A day of much preparation for tomorrow in company with the Stuarts and Hawks we propose going to Tororo to visit Nelson.

Sept 17th
WE left at 8.45 with cars packed most scientifically and at 11 stopped at the wayside for tea, dashing into the bushes for bugs! Again at 1 for lunch, and after an uneventful journey reached Tororo at 5.30 and were greeted by Nelson, our host. A hasty change and another journey of 25 miles for a dance at Bubulu which the DC and his wife had invited us to. There we dined, everything most charming and very smart, entirely wonderful I always think in the heart of Africa.

Sept 18th
A day spent mostly like dead flies. Nelson’s house stands on a hill overlooking this little settlement which has sprung up within the last two years. On one side towers the huge rock and on the opposite side across the Plain a range of mountains, fold upon fold with a portion of Elgon in the middle. The railway has now arrived and gone beyond and in consequence rows and rows of godowns and small bungalows mar the natural scene. The house is large, roomy and very civilized.

Sept 19th, Monday
Today we went on a safari. A lorry was engaged for our baggage and in two cars we set forth but on the way Nelson’s bucked and for half an hour we sat whilst he tinkered. Arrived at the rest camp, a most charming bungalow set in trees and leafy shade. The lorry having arrive d we found all our stuff arranged, beds set up and lunch ready, and this over he ran us down to the lake which at this part is dull and uninteresting. It became horribly cold so this evening was spent in Vingt et Un until the small hours.

Sept 20th
We returned home today and the lorry which should have been there early for our kit being apparently delayed we left the boys to pack up and drove to another camp in order the men could hunt butterflies. All through the forest at the back, the Nandi Flames in full flower, butterflies abounded, millions of all colours and the men dashed through the jungle followed by the girls armed with killing bottles. At 12.30 we went home expecting to find the lorry and lunch. On arrival not a sign of either. A raid on Nelson’s store cupboard for food and by the time real evening had arrived we realized that a further raid would be necessary. We dined off ham and tinned peaches. Then a short dance and the usual game after which a general contriving for beds. Our poor host had to go out to sleep.

Sept 21st
AT 6.30 Hawks and the girls went off to fetch our kit and hadn’t been gone an hour before the wretched lorry turned up. We migrated to the ADC’s house next door for breakfast and about 10 finally left and Nelson must have been glad to see our backs.