September 22nd, Thursday
Lovely to be at home again! I am getting so old and pogbaggish but still when one is its just as well to be content to be so!

Sept 23rd
Down to work again, back to domestic chores. I have been transplanting four half-grown Nandi Flame trees today, with what result I wonder, also filled a trench with celery, the seedlings are fine but don’t know if it does out here.

Sept 24th
It has been raining all afternoon. I wonder how Pink is getting on. I hear rumours that he is back at Nairobi tomorrow, I hope not as he’ll have had so little of the sea.

Sept 25th, Sunday
A lazy day but I wrote and wrote all day and in the evening we went in Hudden’s car to the Leonards. As we had no light we crept home by the aid of a Dietz hung on the bonnet! What quaint things one does out here and it was a pitch dark night!

Sept 26th, Monday
This has been one of those days when one is beset by boys, one continual cry of “nataka” (I want). At last I have escaped and am now in hiding in my bedroom and am going to settle down to more writing and see if I cant polish off my pile.

Sept 28th, Wed
All day away from home, first for a meeting in Kitale, then lunch at the club, some shopping and out to Elgon for hockey. Critch has had a bad accident driving his Austin. He overturned her, smashed it to pieces and themselves luckily only a knee cap but the trouble has not been located so he is to be X-rayed.

The farm house and buildings seen from the hill above