June 1st, Friday
I suppose I ought to be writing and making comment upon Armageddon. The topic has caused great excitement and talk out here among a certain section and this cutting will be interesting doubtless in the future. Whether the event of stupendous importance has actually taken place on the dates mentioned we in our backwater have no means of knowing. Pink went into Kitale intending to be back for lunch and never returned so perhaps he has been detained by the forces of Armageddon! (see article in previous panel).

June 2nd
Mud everywhere and oh how my tidy mind rebels and how it longs for more space and a semblance of cleanliness!! “All cometh to him who waits”.

June 3rd, Sunday
A lovely sight greeted my eyes this morning as I entered my store cupboard to do my early morning chores. A rat had got into the trap, a cat had endeavoured to extract it, and between them both they had upset my large basin of milk all over the floor and all over everything. So went west 4 bottles of this precious liquid. I did not begin the Sabbath in a pious frame of mind.

June 6th
Derby Day and who will win the Calcutta Sweep!? If only it would come this way we would start on building the house, the beautiful plan of which Tom Seton sent up the other day, an affair of elaboration with 3 gables and half timber, its cost I should think about 20,000!!

June 12th
The days pass in pleasant succession. Art Bennett is still with us and is now practically well. He put on 6lbs in one week!

June 13th, Wed
VP (Philpott) came over to say Leonard is down with fever and delirious and would I go over to spend the night with Dorothy so I packed up my toothbrush and he took me back. I found D in a dither and L quite off his head but as his temp was only 101 it wasn’t so serious and after a short while he was violently sick, broke in to perspiration and slept all the night. Disappointing after a course of injections.

June 15th
My birthday and I am 49 today. Oh,Oh! and next year when I reach half a century I will add another Oh! Being my birthday we indulged in a scarce treat, viz 2 bottles of liqueurs, Apricot Brandy and Creme de Menthe in which to drink my health tonight.

June 16th
Such lovely weather day by day up to now, sufficient rain to make everything grow well and only one or two violent storms. The garden is really a thing of joy.

June 19th
Today after exactly three weeks Art Bennett left us. He looks a different creature and has put on rolls! I’m glad to have been able to put him right.