June 8th, Monday
Pink is back this morning and plays off his finals next Sunday – we shall I hope be there to see him do it as we are intending to stay in to the dance after the Races.

June 9th
Having got myself dirty while gardening I fled indoors to change on hearing a car, but stepped forth to find alas that Mrs Hoey had not come, only Hoey and Tebbitt the road man. Tebbitt struck me as being an extraordinary man, he has it seems a knowledge and great love for the beautiful and is I hear entirely self educated. Hoey got at the wireless for us but cant find out whats wrong. He has now taken off a valve to test. It is a great disappointment and we do miss it so. During lunch the Padre arrived to stay the night.

June 10th
Mail Day but no letters for me. I’m rather relieved really as I am just clear and have none to answer.

June 12th, Friday
A day missed out, uneventful. Much preparation took place today for the Races tomorrow and the ponies left at dawn.

June 13th, Saturday
The day of the Races! Off we went early before breakfast, much packing and fussing, and we arrived in time for breakfast at the Club. Alas our luck was out today, we lost all our money and the girls their races, but there were horses of such different type entered, especially two new ones of the Llewhellins, that we hadn’t a chance. We stayed on to the dance, the girls sleeping out at Tyack. A lot of people at the dance but the old order changeth, a crowd of mechanics and shoppies and one feels inclined to say “where are my playmates gone?”

June 14th
I went down early to the club and watched Pink play his finals, losing the doubles and winning the singles. Then struggled home. Heavy rain fell and we stuck badly near the round hill but a gang of boys providentially arrived and pulled us out. Heard today that Billy Symes’ girl has already chucked him and has gone Home with one Vallings who she intends marrying. It’s a tragedy for him but everyone else is glad as from all one hears she is just a little rotter.

June 15th
It is my birthday and I am exactly 103 today. How lightly my years sit upon me! After lunch I went forth a took a lot of rose cuttings.

June 16th
I am thankful to say that Mother is herself again. Pink and I are preparing to go on safari. We propose starting on Thursday and I am thankful Mother is fit for otherwise I couldn’t possibly go. We go to the rest house at Kakamega where a belt of forest should supply many bugs and I am much looking forward to a complete idle.

June 17th
Pink has been up at Franks all day and after tea went down to the factory to get coffee weighed ready to transport tomorrow. Locusts came horribly near today.

June 18th
We breakfasted early and set forth by 8.30. Our road was good nearly all the way but descending a somewhat rocky part we sprung a puncture which delayed us a bit. We arrived at length at this little rest house on the edge of the forest line, the country round is the usual sugar bush variety but opposite lie the everlasting hills, a big range dividing us from the Nandi Reserve. We went down to the forest and found the whole place swarming with butterflies of every sort and kind, great groups of them collected over patches of moisture and flying up and down the road. An ideal spot. We lunched and slept and after tea walked down across the bush towards the ridge. An early dinner and an early bed.