June 25th, Thursday
Alas our little holiday is over. We struck camp and left at about 12, finding all well at home and everything looking lovely. The big lamps in the drawing room and dining room are up and 2 electric bells so we are now complete!

June 26th
One of the reasons I had to return yesterday was a committee meeting of the Kenya Horticultural Society. The town was full and the air was electric with locusts, all sorts of frantic stories are afloat, an immense swarm from the Suk miles in length apparently descending upon us, no one discusses anything else and one hears of the most amazing things.

June 27th
Not wishing to have any chores tomorrow I had a field day and did all the flowers this morning, 12 vases.

June 28th
Sunday morning, a blessed peaceful time. I’ve got into the habit of waking about fiveish. I make my tea, it is just what Mother used to do. As each day dawns now one’s thought is, will the locusts come today? Yesterday we watched the immense Suk swarm as it processed along the plain and everywhere huge fires mark its passage. I hear there is a large collection under the bluff. One can only wait and hope. These pictures of Kamet are from the Sphere, how strange it is to think of Eric, so short a time ago sitting quietly with us here and now actually on this amazing venture. I have just finished reading Arnold Bennett’s last book, “Imperial Palace”, a tome of over 600 pages. This sort of effort after having written over 70 books is really an achievement but though well written and clever doesn’t appeal to me at all. I am so tired of the present day custom of calling a spade a shovel and all this bald dealing with every intimate detail of life. In the Sphere I find these pictures of the newest thing in hotels, “Dorchester House”, and it seems to me it is the Imperial Palace to the life.

June 29th
Locust news as usual, the whole plateau is a screen of smoke.

June 30th
A page of prophecies! Two still to be fulfilled whilst that of Mother Shipton’s has all come to pass. All these things would have been unbelievable at the beginning of the 19th century, how much more so in the 16th. Russia is the big problem of today. She and her Five Year Plan. Will the day ever come when she overruns Europe. Stranger things may happen. The other cutting is from the Standard, its fulfilment according to the woman should come along in the immediate future. Truly one hopes she is not mistaken for never was there a time when we so needed a MAN.

The Mother Shipton cutting is below, with Wynne’s notes. Sadly she was not aware that this was a fake, published by Charles Hindley in 1862 – it has appeared in various versions with different end dates for the world, but in fact has no connection to the famous lady. The other cutting was on predicting a political dictator for Britain – and Wynne’s rather chilling approval makes one realise how fragile democracy can be, especially in times of deep economic distress…