East Africa

The start of the family’s Big Adventure – Wynne and Herbert hold a family conference, and they decide everyone will move to Africa to start a new life. After a year of planning, packing and general mayhem, they attend the Empire Exhibition, and set off to Kenya aboard the S.S.Norman.

Earlier travel

November 13th, 1924

Wynne and family board their ship to sail from England on November 13th, 1924. They have terrible weather.

Port Sudan


Port Said is reached, but the weather is still cold. Once into the Red Sea things begin to get warmer. They reach Port Sudan

December 1st, 1924

Aden provides a welcome break, before the final Fancy Dress Ball and arrival at Mombasa, in Kenya.

A Hot Christmas

After a brief stay, they leave aboard the train, heading for Nairobi, the capital. Then its on to Kitale, in the north, and a strange, hot Christmas with some turkey surprises.



3 months after departure, and now it is 1925. They have started work on their piece of virgin land, but disasters are never far away…

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