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This section offers a chance to look at aspects of the Diaries not covered elsewhere – to explore in greater detail an event or person, to see parts of Wynne's life that take place earlier than 1902, or to offer easy links to stories that take place over a long period, such as the War…

Some thoughts about the Diaries.

A Young Victorian
Wynne’s World before 1900

Wynne and the Boer War

In 1910 Edward VII died. This is her account of the experience. Scroll down the main page for links to Victoria and George V. – for jubilees and coronations…

Wynne’s Homes

As an army wife, Wynne had to move house frequently, and always rented – even the family home below which she left in 1901 was on a lease:

A Servant’s War – William Gilham’s move from stable boy to soldier…

The story of a Prisoner of War, captured in 1914.

A note about nicknames and all those strange Edwardian words Wynne uses.

The Elliots – the Scottish side of Wynne’s ancestry.

The obituary for Thomas, Wynne’s son – and a list of his published work.

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