What was it like to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Wynne’s era?

Victorian Christmas sounds very dull, but after her marriage and the arrival of her children the festivities become jollier.

For the Victorian girl New Year sounded much more fun – check out the theatres she managed to get to early in 1896!

Victorian Christmas 1895

It’s all unknown hymns and dull parties . . . and things don’t get any better in 1898 and 1900. Perhaps she just didn’t write about the good Christmases!

Roll on the Edwardian era!

A Victorian New Year

1895 and Wynne seems to be having a lot more fun.

Wynne, family and friends see the New Year in.

A game of “Snap Dragon” set the evening up. Auld Land Syne greeted the midnight bells, and a practical joke ensured she went to bed grinning.

Edwardian Christmas

The days before Christmas


The preparations for a full blown Edwardian Christmas sound daunting, but Wynne attacks them with energy…home made sweets, special things for the tree, real candles, and much shopping…it must have been nice to have it all delivered.

Edwardian Festivities

Shrieks of joy on Christmas morning. Santa Claus visits . . . pandemonium follows with the opening of the stockings.

The magical ritual of the Christmas tree.

Rotten carol singers though!

Christmas 1914

“how could one rejoice and sing Peace on Earth etc when there is nothing but strife and ill-will throughout so many lands…”

For Wynne and her family and friends the twentieth century had begun…what would it bring?

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