Herbert, the man she was to marry

After her unhappy affair with Charles Maclean, Wynne was taken off to stay with her married sister, Eva, in India.

As intended, it proved a fateful journey.

There was plenty of time on the long boat trip to meet men.

The Proposal

It’s April 1899 and after her five month stay with her sister Wynne receives a surprise when she returns to Bombay.

“He’s twenty years older than I and if he was a hundred it wouldn’t make the slightest difference”

The Wedding on hold

The Boer War disrupts Wynne’s plans.

Both Herbert and her brother Elliot were to serve in South Africa, and she follows their progress.

Luckily they arrived when the fortunes of the British Army had changed…but the post was slow, and Wynne had to rely on the newspapers…


Herbert writes home about his experiences in the Relief Column.
He describes the long march and the final assault, during which time he was able to deploy his artillery to good effect. As the local paper fondly announced – “the tide of battle was turned by the timely arrival of Major Jackson’s Horse Artillery, which silenced the Creusot gun”.

Wedding Bells at last!

At the end of 1900 it appears Herbert will be home soon, and Wynne goes to London to buy her trousseau.

Finally Wynne is married to Herbert at Wimborne Minster on June 5th 1901.

She is 21 and he is 41.


The happy couple go to Salzburg and Berchtesgarden for their honeymoon..

They pick eidelweiss and enjoy the beer, but cannot understand why a bath should cost so much…

Wynne is now Mrs Jackson, and getting used to her new station. You can see how she copes with her first year of married life by reading 1902!

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