In Victorian England, the path of true love seldom ran smoothly
Two stories, only one outcome:
read on for Charles…
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First Love

Young love at the end of the nineteenth century was just as tortuous and painful as it is today.

It’s 1895 and Wynne meets the sweetest being on earth.

Charlie is a young soldier with no money – does he stand a chance in this competitive world ruled by ruthless mothers?

Charles home from Jamaica


It’s 1897 and Charles is expected home from Jamaica.. Things are getting serious.

June: Wynne dines with Charles at the Cafe Royal. Charles looks “more beautiful than ever”.

It is Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee – both enjoy the celebrations.

Charles is in action in Sierra Leone

The pages from July ’97 to March ’98 are missing almost certainly suppressed by Wynne herself.

The diary resumes with news of Charles in action, but Wynne’s mother is becoming suspicious.

Will her affair prosper?

Charles returns

May 16th – Red Letter Day! Charles is coming home.

Initial excitement clouded by bereavement – Wynne’s father dies.

Charles is a great solace in this difficult time, and difficult decisions are temporarily postponed.

Sept 1st, 1898

…”there can be no possible arrangement…”

Wynne is forced to reject Charles, and goes through agonies.

She is packed off to India, to clear her mind, and there as designed, meets someone else…but on her return, the memories of Charles flood back…

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