A young family made travel difficult, meaning seaside holidays were a priority…but occasionally before 1914 Wynne was able to get away to do something more exotic…

You can check out some of her early journeys here, or go to the next strip and read of the family’s emigration to

East Africa

By Boat to India


Wynne, chaperoned by her brother Elliot, travels to India aboard the SS Egypt. They go to Marseilles to catch the boat, then through the Suez Canal.


An Edwardian Picnic Outing…

An Italian Journey


An Italian Journey

In the summer of 1910 Wynne travelled to Naples to meet her brother who was returning from India. They came back via Rome and Florence, but it was Pompei that really excited her…

The Italian Journey concluded…

Rome, Florence, then back via Paris to London, to see Pavlova…

A second Italian Journey

Wynne travels to Venice to meet up with her brother, and they go on to Ferrara, Perugia and Rome. In this and the next section you can read three descriptive passages from the journey: The Doge’s palace, the Cathedral at Perugia and the Villa d’Este Gardens at Tivoli.

A Bicycle Holiday up the Wye Valley.

Wynne and her son take to the roads, staying wherever they can find rooms, and exploring the castle-filled countryside.

The bicycle holiday concluded


700 miles by car across Kenya, from the slopes of Mount Elgon to the seashore at Malindi, following some of the very recently created roads south of Nairobi.

The Kenyan safari concluded.

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