Some help with the nicknames, and a short glossary of some of the words Wynne uses in the Victorian and Edwardian period.

The Characters
Nicknames and abbreviations.

Poggy – or H: Herbert Jackson, Wynne’s husband. (See below: pogbag)
Pink/Pinkie: Thomas, Wynne’s son. His hair was apparently pinkish at birth.
Noots/Nootie: Ysobel, Wynne’s daughter. No record of where this name originated.
Baby/Babs: Eleanore, the youngest daughter.
Bogel: George Llewhellin, Wynne’s father.
Ell: Elliot, Wynne’s brother.
Eva: Eva, Wynne’s sister.
BG or BGS: Miss Scratchley, the governess at Brookfield, later friend.
Yso/Bill: Ysobel Butler, later Vanrennen – cousin, and grew up with Wynne. Also sometimes apparently referred to as Ebbo, which is odd as there is an actual Ebbo in the Jackson family.
Topsy: Brenda Butler, later Swayne – ditto.
CWM/the Earl: Charles Maclean, early paramour of Wynne’s, father of the famous Fitzroy, brother of Adie.
The Hamster: Walter von Poellnitz, Wynne’s uncle.
The Wow: Aunt Aimee’s 2nd husband, not much liked. Aimee was Bill Fallowfiled’s mother – she remarried. Aimee was Blanche’s sister.
Thuri: Arthur von Poellnitz, Wynne’s uncle, married to Lena. Herman was his son.

Some words you may come across, mostly in the early diaries.
Chippy: not well, ill
Bucked: to talk, prate, brag – also noun, a chat.  Also spelt bukh (from Hindi: Bak – talk)
Decayed: off colour, tired.
Chaffed: teased
Blues: as today, interesting to see it used so early, not related to the music.
Footle: waste time, play around, desultory use of time.
High jinks: same meaning as today
Dusty: as in not so dusty, good.
“on the Sheesh” – on a visit to London – begging?more pocket money?
Pogbag, pogbaggish: dull, boring (but note use for HKJ)
Ripping: wonderful
Kodak: used as a verb, to kodak something, ie: to photograph.
Airyfied: usually when saying something not a bit a…ie: down to earth, interesting
Tooled: rode, went (on bikes)
Datchey: touchy, off colour.
Jungle cramps – stomach problems
Twiddle-ums – ?
: played with
Bardy: as in quite a b… party or group
Downy: as in trot to my downy, ie: go to bed.
Banting: slimming

And finally, Wynne’s secret code from the earliest diary…