The Diary in June

Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.  They go to London to watch the spectacle, and Wynne gets teased about a young admirer.

June 1st – 7th

A quiet week at Brookfield, Tarrant Keynston, dreaming of young men while doing the chores and arranging for a pleasant picnic.

June 8th – 12th

Her family tease Wynne about the Diary, and her Mother makes a wicked entry in it. No wonder Wynne used code!

June 13th – 20th

The build up to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations include a garden tea for the village children. Wynne is 18.

June 21st – 23rd

London. Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Wynne goes up to watch the great parade, and to meet Charles.

June 24th – 30th

Back to the diurnal domestic round…though a picnic at Badbury Rings enlivens life up a little.

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