The Diary in August

An idyllic month spent at Lee, in Devon, looks like the quintessential Edwardian dream…but trouble and strife are brewing.

August 1st – 7th

Arrival at Lee Bay, to be looked after by Mrs Giddy. The ritual of bathing and picnics begins, but the High Church service is disapproved of.

August 8th – 13th

Apart from a hot trip to Barnstaple, the days are spent out on the beaches and in the “sun filled” meadows.

August 14th – 19th

Politics, Drought and Strikes.
The real world intrudes on the idyll. Wynne hears her husband’s leave is cancelled, as the army is called out to police the strikers.

August 20th – 25th

The strike situation appears to be improving. Wynne’s husband wires to say he can come after all. The country is still in turmoil though.

August 26th – 31st

The weather gets colder but improves for their last day. The end of the perfect summer…but while rain is promised, the political and industrial situation, unrecognised by most, is ominous.

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