The Diary in July

Temperatures continue to rise to record levels – the perfect summer.

July 1st – 7th

Temperatures rise, and a London visit proves exhausting. As all the horses are quarantined with the mange, the family is without transport and is stuck at home.

July 8th – 14th

The heat wave continues, and alongside local duties and entertainments, Wynne takes her group of mothers to the Festival of Empire at the Crystal Palace.

July 15th – 22nd

More heat, and the children are suffering, with one consigned to bed. Tennis, charitable teas, and numerous “At Home’s”. Herbert has to work.

July 23rd – 31st

“Grilling weather”, but Wynne loves it. She has her pony back at last, so can get around again. Tennis tournaments, and Herbert goes off to Army Camp with the 2nd Division.

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