The Diary in May

1911 was always quoted as an example of those perfect Edwardian summers, and this one certainly lived up to expectations. 

May 1st – 7th

Wynne’s sister Eve is over from India, and the whole family decamp from Hale to Brookfield in Dorset to stay with their Mother.

May 8th – 16th

Apart from one storm the weather improves and the Brookfield garden and surrounding countryside is enjoyed to the full.

May 17th – 24th

The legendary hot summer is underway. A trip to the sea at Studland, and a return to her home in Hale for Wynne. The children stay in Dorset.

May 25th – 31st

Busy with work and garden at Hale, Wynne manages to get a party down for the King’s Parade at Aldershot, and has a night in London to see Julius Caesar.

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