The Diary in September

The Perfect Summer is coming to an end – a month of colder weather and farewells…

September 1st – 8th

Back at Brookfield, staying with her Mother, Wynne is occupied with a charity bazaar. Her daughter has an abscess and is operated upon on the kitchen table.

September 9th – 15th

She leaves Brookfield and resumes the daily round at Hale, feeling strange being home again. The rain finally arrives on 13th, and they all turn out for the Searchlight Tattoo at Government House in Aldershot.

September 16th – 23rd

Home duties – and no blackberries to be found anywhere! Wynne goes to London to shop and see “The Chocolate Soldier”.

September 24th – 30th

Eve stays with them and they all go to London for a final night out before she departs for India. They go to see “Peggy” at the Gaiety, but the farewell makes Wynne anything but gay.

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