The Diary in April

Motoring excitements, monoplanes, and the loss of the Titanic.

April 1st – 7th

Wynne celebrates 2 years living near Aldershot, where her husband
is now a brigadier-general. It is Easter, and there is even time for
a journey in a newfangled motor car.

April 8th – 14th

Birthdays and expeditions to buy school uniforms.
The children are growing up.

April 19th – 22nd

The Loss of the Titanic.
Wynne catches up with her diary, and relates the story that had
Edwardian society transfixed.
It doesn’t interfere with her busy life though.

April 23rd – 28th

The family visit Herbert’s relations at Springfield,
and spend some time in London, where Wynne meets up with her cousins after
a long absence.

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