The Diary in February

Wynne has been staying with the in-laws in Chelmsford - a long break away from home.

February 1st – 8th

Based at Aldershot, Wynne is away staying with Herbert’s parents
at Springfield Place, in Chelmsford.
She goes ice skating and finds a great junk shop in the the town.

February 10th – 16th

Wynne worries about her Mother-in-law, her children’s tendency
to break the china, and the coming Coal Strike.

February 17th -22nd

The end of Wynne’s holiday in Chelmsford – plenty of church services,
a visit or two, and then the inevitable packing of cases.

February 23rd – 29th…a leap year.

Wynne rejoices to be back in London, walking around town, taking tea
in a bohemian cafe in Soho, visiting numerous theatres…and having the
occasional elegant dinner.

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