The Diary in June

An Italian holiday!

June 1st – 3rd

Venice –
St Marks, the aroma of the backstreets, and serenaders in the Lagoon.
Wynne makes a personl discovery of a secret garden.

June 4th – 6th

After watching a Venetian sunrise, Wynne
and her brother depart for Ferrara and then go on to Perugia – “this
wonderful old town”.

June 9th – 16th

Rome – another chance top see the Sistine
Chapel, and excursions to Tivoli, before catching the train to Paris
and home.

June 17th – 23rd

Back to her homely chores, with tennis and
the Searchlight Tattoo as pleasant diversions…

June 24th – 30th

Gardening, painful Vicarage parties, and a visit
to Malvern to see her son at his school.

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