The Diary in March

The new National Insurance Act makes a difference.

March 1st – 7th

Spring is in the air, and Wynne enjoys the change and the flowers.
Her entertainments include Moliere and a point-to-point.

March 8th – 13th

The week of Gran’s birthday, a great celebration
for her 99th year. But Wynne is also celebrating the new Insurance
Act which pays out for doctors and medicine!

March 14th – 21st

More birthdays, this time her husband’s
and her mother’s. All on top of the work of answering Gran’s many
letters of congratulations…

March 22nd – 31st

A visit from a friend, and good news from
India. Baby is sick, though, and is packed off to Springfield. the
month ends with the Regimental Races – a great day out for them

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