The Diary in February

London visits and a meeting with the man who will take over command when Wynne's husband retires.

February 1st – 6th

A week of duties, lovely weather, and the
making of a “Spring Pie”.

February 7th – 11th

Birthdays, letters from old flames,
the excitement of seeing Wagner’s Parsifal – the first time
the opera was performed in England – and the latest dance craze, the tango!

February 12th – 17th

Wynne’s London visit ends with a concert,
then its back to Aldershot duties…and her garden.

February 18th – 24th

A quiet week. They meet the Percivals who
are scheduled to take over the command when Herbert retires.

February 25th – 28th

Back to London for another theatre,
a treat from their old friends the Grays. Then it’s time to entertain
their successors at Aldershot.

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