The Diary in July

Wynne and Herbert complete their German holiday and return home just in time...by the end of the month things look ominous.

July 1st – 4th

Wynne and Herbert arrive at the final
destination of their holiday: Schloss Frankenberg, the ancestral
home of the Poellnitz family.

July 5th – 13th

Returning home via Ipswich, where
they did a bit of house hunting, Wynne resumes her domestic labour.

July 14th – 24th

Wynne’s life is principally preoccupied
with her struggle to employ a cook…small domestic worries on the
eve of a catastrophe!

July 25th – 31st

The concerns of the week begin by focussing
on the troubles in Ireland…but gradually it dawns on everyone
that something much more terrible is about to happen.

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