The Diary in March

Wynne's grandmother celebrates her 100th birthday...and Ulster is in turmoil.

March 1st – 6th

Wynne worries about her Grandmother’s health
as she approaches her 100th Birthday. Later in the week Wynne is
involved in a shocking automobile accident.

March 7th – 12th

Committee meetings, Point to Point outings
and Gran’s health…a busy but boring week.

March 13th – 17th

The great 100th Birthday celebration for
Wynne’s Grandmother – a lady born before trains appeared who lived
long enough to see men fly.

March 18th – 23rd

The Home Rule Bill for Ireland – Ulster
in turmoil and the Army near mutiny. The nation holds its breath…

March 24th – 31st

The Irish Crisis continues, but gradually
calms down. One of several major crises that affected Britain in
the months prior to the War.

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